A Better Tomorrow (2010)

A Better Tomorrow (2010)

  • 5.8
  • 124 mins
  • Crime, Drama, Action


Arms trafficker Hyuk and Young-chun are practically brothers and nothing can separate them. When the two managed to escape from North Korea, they left behind Hyuk's younger brother Chul. Hyuk can never shake off the guilt as his family was punished for his treason and his mother died in prison. Three years later, Chul finally makes his way to South Korea and join the police force. Hyuk tries to earn the trust and love of his younger brother, but abandonment and betrayal are hard things to forget. Things come to a head when Young-chun pulls Hyuk into doing one last gig for the gang. It happens to be the case that Officer Chul is in charge of. The three brothers meet again one final time.—Anonymous

Short Review

Skip the theater and rent it. A good film but not by much was expecting more from this remake. Just doesn’t capture the soul of the original. Liked the acting from the cast. The action is disappointing and ending ahh that was just terrible just left a bad taste on my tongue. Of all the action in Asian films this is on button of the list. they should have taken a page out of heat dah or the original.