Down 'n Dirty (2000)

Down 'n Dirty (2000)

  • 3.7
  • 102 mins
  • Action


Dakota Smith is an experienced policeman with a problem: his partner was shot dead, and corrupt cops are responsible. Dak's investigation leads him to widespread corruption in the department, as well as a corrupt district attorney. Smith finds an unlikely ally in timid photographer Nick Gleem. While Gleem unearths clues about the bad guys, Dak fends off attacks on his own life. While he's not in gun battles with these local villains, divorced father Dak has no shortage of lady friends to keep him happy.—Ken Miller

Short Review

Fred Williamson is a bad ass mother fucker. Even though after the blaxploitation genre had faded he was directing a lot of his own project & they are a little softer around the edges w/ the production falling I still find them highly watching just for the sheer presence of The Hammer himself. Down n Dirty is pretty good but not nearly as good as it could have been w/ the likes of Williamson, Bubba Smith, Gary Busey, Charles Napier & David Carradine in the cast. W/ all of them involved this could have been a little gem. Unfortunately it has a stalling rhythm where Williamson has to make up for its short comings in story & the other star power involved sometimes feels like an after though. I found he did the same things w/ the likes of One Down, Two to Go & Big Score. Good for its parts but on a whole I can't help but be a little disappointed @ what could actually been w/ those involved. It maybe because this was made in 2000 & films that truly knocked it out of the park are from an era gone by


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