Mararia (1998)

Mararia (1998)

  • 6.3
  • 109 mins
  • Drama


Fermín is a doctor who meets a beautiful girl named Mararia, from who he falls in love in silence. One day a handsome Englishman named Beltrahn appears, he will win the love of Mararia and unleash the wrath of Fermin, who will lead the lovers to misfortune, destroying himself in the process and becoming another kind of person, capable of killing for love.

Short Review

It's the directorial debut of Tom Tykwer and he knows how to drag us into his world. "Deadly Maria" is instantly mesmerizing with its strident horror film music and its surreal cinematography. Tykwer focuses on the details. He shows us clocks, an ink pen, the ear of the female protagonist, all in close up shots to control our attention heavily. Nina Petri, who plays the main character Maria, lets us share her thought in poetic offscreen-monologues. It's an oppressive and nightmarish storytelling in which we wait for the outburst of Maria.


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