Made in USA (1987)

Made in USA (1987)

  • 5.4
  • 87 mins
  • Drama


Two men from Pennsylvania give up hope in their small run down coal mining town, and head off in search of the beaches of California. The two steal cars as they travel across the USA and are joined by a wild young woman.—Rob Hartill

Short Review

Made in USA is a movie that follows two friends who grew up in a mining town with a hard life looking to get out so they decide to steal a car and go to California. On the way the meet a beautiful woman who joins them in their crime filled trip. The three travel across country victimizing anyone who is unlucky enough to cross their path. While I suppose we are supposed to feel sorry for these young sociopath's and those who join them because of Thier hard lives and the fact that they are also victims of bad circumstances, I can't help but hope that someone along the line puts an end to thier trip and put them away. I find the characters unsimpathetic and tend to feel more sympathy for all the people along the way that they victimize. Of course most of these people are presented as being, in some way, people we are not supposed to find sympathetic either so what you are left with is a movie filled with people you do not like or care about with an over arching environmentalist, anti establishment message clumsily pushed upon the viewer. There are interesting scenic views of small towns, native American / Southwest scenes and industrial sights but in general the viewer might find it hard to care or even sit through it until the absurd, terrible end which seems so out of place with the rest of the film. As if they clipped in the ending of a party movie with hot babes and all works out in the end with no consequences. It makes one wonder, and a bit angry with yourself, why you kept watching. Decent sound track though.


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