Toby McTeague

Toby McTeague

  • 6.0
  • 95 mins
  • Adventure


Toby is a teenager who doesn't care much about school. In fact, he has his eyes on the title of a prestigious dog-sleigh race. He will have to undergo extensive training in order to win it.—Steve Richer

Short Review

Toby lives in rural Quebec, where his dad breeds sled dogs. His dad needs to win a provincial championship race in order to earn enough money to keep his business running, but he's injured, so Toby has to take his place. You know exactly how this movie will play out because it's really just exercising a formula, Toby is picked on by bullies. Will he have to overcome them in order to win the race? The main bully has a pretty girlfriend who's too nice for him. Will she choose Toby instead? There are hundreds of movies that follow this formula, simply switching out the main interest of the hero ... it's basically "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" except it's about dog racing. Personally, I find movies like this to be appealing in a comfort food kind of way. Director Jean-Claude Lord is a Canadian exploitation film mainstay having directed the slasher film "Visiting Hours", the "Terminator" rip-off "The Vindicator" and the "Eddie and the Cruisers" sequel.