The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again (1970)

The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again (1970)

  • 5.7
  • 73 mins
  • Comedy, Western, Drama


While waiting in vain for her married lover to get a divorce, Fran Walker (Dame Elizabeth Taylor), a lonely chorus girl approaching middle age, falls for Joe Grady (Warren Beatty), a frustrated musician and compulsive gambler who dreams of escaping Las Vegas for fame and fortune in New York City.—alfiehitchie

Short Review

A pair of Western comedies with a concept - make the sidekicks the stars. The made-for-TV (by Aaron Spelling) result is servicable enough, but too sterile for my taste. In the first, Pat O'Brien plays an aged former Texas Ranger captain whose daughter summons him to Boulder, where the town is being run into the ground by a corrupt mayor and his cronies. Her husband, Ricky Nelson, is running for mayor but doesn't stand a chance. The captain sends out the call for the best of his former crew - all guys who are washed up and slowed down by age. So we have Walter Brennan, Chill Wills and Edgar Buchanan. The cast also includes squeaky voiced Andy Devine (as a corrupt judge), and Jack Elam as the bad sheriff. Good enough for a sequel, part two leaves out Pat O'Brien and concentrates on Brennan, Wills and Buchanan. They get word that a former Ranger friend is in trouble in Waco. They arrive and find out that he is dead. They head to the saloon for a drink and notice an old drunk at the end of the bar. Well, that's their friend, the Baltimore Kid, played by Fred Astaire. They take him and get him sobered up and cleaned up. Soon, he's ready to be town marshall, with the help of the three aged Rangers. These were part of a four-movie disc that was purchased for $5 at Farm and Fleet in Bloomington, Illinois. I beginning to believe this was a money losing proposition all around - for me, for the store and for the company that packaged these crap movies on DVD.


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