Django Kills Silently (1967)

Django Kills Silently (1967)

  • 5.1
  • 85 mins
  • Romance, Western


On his way to the dusty town of Santa Anna to protect Sanders, a man trying to make a deal with the Mexican bandit, El Santo, for the safe passage of his cargo, the solitary gunslinger, Bill, realises that he has arrived at the rendezvous point too late. With Sanders and his entire family murdered, Bill suspects that the deceased's dangerous rival, Dr Thompson, and his henchmen are behind the bloody assault, trying to make a profit from the same deal. Now, Bill is all alone in the town of jackals. Can taciturn Bill outsmart Thompson's men, and get out of Santa Anna in one piece?—Nick Riganas

Short Review

Sometimes it's just best not to ask too many questions. Don't ask the question why for example, especially during this film. Some fun to be hand. Three, perhaps four, rival gangs beat and shoot the hell out of each other while Django, or should I call him "Texas" bounces around between them. All in the name of money and gold, and perhaps a woman (Linda). Why Django changes his mind at the end...oops, didn't I say not to ask why? Enjoyed "Nervous". For a mute, Pedro has a relatively big impact. And then, there's the beautiful but overlooked Delores, who plays only a small part. What was Django thinking passing up that opportunity? Some serious stunt falls during this film. Full of bad bandits who have no problem killing women and children, and then making fun of the dead. Ah, what's the point? Damn, asking questions again.


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