Once a Thief (1965)

Once a Thief (1965)

  • 5.2
  • 107 mins
  • Drama, Crime


All ex-convict Eddie Pedak (Alain Delon) wants is a fresh start with his wife, Kristine (Ann-Margret), and daughter, Kathy (Tammy Locke), as he tries to rebuild his life in San Francisco, but a few obstacles stand in his way. One is Inspector Mike Vido (Van Heflin) of the SFPD, who believes Pedak is the man who shot him several years back, and wants revenge. The other is Pedak's brother, Walter (Jack Palance), a lifetime criminal who persistently tries to recruit him to pull one last job.

Short Review

Neat little Noir film with an intense performance by Ann Margaret. I didn't really buy Alain Delon's performance, although there are some undeniably passionate scenes between the two leads. The jazzy score by Lalo Schifrin is super and the location shooting in San Francisco adds a documentary-drama feel to the melodrama.