The Americano (1955)

The Americano (1955)

  • 1.7
  • 85 mins
  • Western


Cattleman Sam Dent (Glenn Ford) transports three prize bulls to Brazil for a wealthy buyer, Barbossa. Upon arrival, Sam learns from amiable Manoel Silva (Cesar Romero) that Barbossa has been murdered. For a fee, Manoel helps Sam transport the bulls to Barbossa's ranch for his partner, Bento Hermanny (Frank Lovejoy), to purchase. Soon, Sam is involved in a brutal range war between Hermanny and beautiful neighbor Marianna Figuerido (Ursula Thiess), which also involves unmasking Barbossa's killer.

Short Review

Average western with an exotic locale although you really don't see enough of the landscape to get the feeling a foreign country and none of the actors really look Brazilian.


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