Along the Great Divide (1951)

Along the Great Divide (1951)

  • 6.9
  • 88 mins
  • Western


New Federal marshal Len Merrick saves Tim Keith from lynching at the hands of the Roden clan, and hopes to get him to Santa Loma for trial. Vindictive Ned Roden, whose son Ed was killed, still wants personal revenge and Tim would like to escape before Ned catches up with him again. Can the marshal make it across the desert with Tim and his daughter? Even if he makes it, will justice be served?—Rod Crawford

Short Review

1951 ! VIRGINIA MAYO Hot! WALTER BRENNAN as a TUFF BAD GUY, as we've rarely ever seenim before! John AGAR as the lawman. KIRK (the Dimple) DOUGLAS in his first western. Interesting suspense as the Sheriff tries single handedly to return some bad guys across the desert to their just deserts. Spoiler alerts:first, apparently the GREAT DIVIDE is the desert, not a mountain range.Second: be prepared for the ending.Seen it on GRIT TV twice in 2021. Note to self, next time pay closer attention to the first 2/3rds.NOTE TO RT STAFF! I could not find this movie on RT by looking it up by name. Had to look up WALTER BRENNAN to find it and clicked it then was able to find and comment. C'mon RT, make it easier, and show some respect for the oldies.