Copper Canyon (1950)

Copper Canyon (1950)

  • 6.3
  • 83 mins
  • Western


A group of copper miners, Southern veterans, are terrorized by local rebel-haters, led by deputy Lane Travis. The miners ask stage sharpshooter Johnny Carter to help them, under the impression that he is the legendary Colonel Desmond. It seems they're wrong; but Johnny's show comes to Coppertown and Johnny romances lovely gambler Lisa Roselle, whom the miners believe is at the center of their troubles.—Rod Crawford

Short Review

I watched this because l have flu, it was on and it has Hedy Lamarr. Routine western enlivened by speculation as to what she was up to when not filming. Probably splitting the atom and discovering new sub atomic particles. I can see what she ended her life not speaking to anyone face to face for a number of years. You will feel the same after watching this. Having said that it is a perfect movie if you have flu and feel that way beforehand.