The Exile (1948)

The Exile (1948)

  • 6.6
  • 95 mins
  • Adventure


Maria Montez was accorded top billing in this film by contractual agreement, although she is in the picture only long enough to take a bath in a tricky 17th century bathtub while sipping coffee with Charles Stuart and delivering dialogue in a barely-understandable French-accent. This is the second major film released within a short period with King Charles II as a primary character, and Charles here and Charles (George Sanders) in "Forever Amber" are two very varied approaches to the same character. This one takes place prior to the beginning of "Forever Amber" when Charles II and his followers are hiding out in Holland from Oliver Cromwell's puritan Round Heads. Being temporarily at liberty (or unemployed), Charles takes a day job at the farm/estate of Katie, and falls in love with her. Meanwhile he eludes his enemies by agility, enterprise and sword play, some of the latter performed while riding the blades of a Dutch windmill. He is summoned back to the throne and has to leave Katie and the tulips behind, returns to England, is replaced by George Sanders who pursues Amber St. Clair and forgets all about Katie. "The Exile" and "Forever Amber" should be viewed back-to-back for maximum-contrast enjoyment.—Les Adams

Short Review

The script ... has a charming, blank-verse hauteur that just possibly may be a bit asinine-but the direction saves the day by insisting on a witty, natural reading.


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