It Happened in Hollywood (1937)

It Happened in Hollywood (1937)

  • 2.0
  • 67 mins
  • Drama, Comedy


Orphaned and hospitalized, young Billy (Billy Burrud) is thrilled when his favorite silent movie hero, Tim Bart (Richard Dix), visits and invites the boy to drop by his California ranch house when he recovers. Unfortunately, when the advent of talking pictures destroys Tim's career, the cowboy actor goes bankrupt and loses his home. Meanwhile, Billy has fled the sick ward to find his idol, and Tim must enlist the help of his actress pal, Gloria (Fay Wray), to convince the lad he's still a star.

Short Review

One to watch after seeing THE ARTIST. Richard Dix is solid. Takes Tom Mix, A STAR IS BORN (sans booze), Babe Ruth, BOY'S TOWN, and a wonderfully superfluous parade of celebrity lookalikes, and improbably mashes them up.


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