Thunder Over Texas (1934)

Thunder Over Texas (1934)

  • 5.2
  • 50 mins
  • Western


A cowboy tries to protect a young woman whose father was murdered because he had railroad maps that showed the location of a proposed new line. Now the killers are after her because they think she has the maps.—frank[email protected]

Short Review

Adding things up the bike these idiots put together didn't make it a full 2 months or even a 1000 miles yet and I had to fix brake light, replace rear brake line they pinched between frame and crossover pipe, the front pop up blew out going down the road, replaced head light bulb that fell out of retaining lock ring, back at shop twice over jackshaft that's caused more issues now that need addressed, the jackshaft bolt is now broke off in the starter due to the ring gear being left loose, I'm going to have to see why front tire has slow leak they put on, had to fix starter cable his mechanic grounded out on bottom of batt tray and destroyed the new batt last time he worked on jackshaft, and now it's screwed up again and gonna cost me a starter too and I bet I'm going to find even more half ass done shit as I dig deeper into this fresh build of these incompetent idiots that it looks like they would need instructions wrote toilet paper and would still use it wrong. I was told by Scott that with all the work they did I could ride this bike across country. 2 months ain't passed nor even a 1000 miles. And he won't stand behind any of the work that they did. For video footage of everything please visit his Facebook page and look in reviews, and community sections.


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