Sons of the Desert (1933)

Sons of the Desert (1933)

  • 7.6
  • 69 mins
  • Comedy


So that he and Stan can sneak away to Chicago and attend the annual "Sons of the Desert" lodge convention, Ollie pretends to be sick, and gets a doctor (who turns out to be a veterinarian) to prescribe a long ocean voyage to Hawaii. Decked out in leis and strumming ukuleles, they return home only to learn that the ship supposedly carrying them has sunk. Their hastily-contrived tale of "ship-hiking" their way back cuts no ice with their wives, who've been at the movies watching a newsreel of the lodge's convention parade, starring - guess who?—Paul Penna

Short Review

Very much an in-the-moment hit of comic bliss. And that's no bad thing.